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Top Ten Business Man in The World

If you want to know about the those people who are the Richest persons in the world So you should read this article because here you can get the Deep Information about them and about their business and their profile. give pleasure to note that the list of the Richest person in the world which we are talking about below is updated in the month and year of May 2013 and may revolutionize over a phase of time. So, let’s make sure out on who are the top 10 businessmen and also their brief businesses info which they at this time own. This list is accumulated by the list of rich people each year and also from time to time.

Top Ten Business Man in The World Lists:-

1: Carlos Slim:

Top Ten Business Man in The World 10 Richest People Carlos Slim

Carlos Slim was struggled hard for his bright future and he got fruit of life in result of his childhood’s hard working. Now a days he the top of List in the Richest Businessmen of the world. He is basically from the Mexico and he is the billionaire, His currently has cash reserves of $74 Billion. He was started his business when he was only 10 years only he was sell the Soft Drinks and Snacks. And now his main business is the Telecommunications. He was finished his graduation and after it he was got the Engineering degree and he worked as a trader in the Mexico Stock Exchange. Then he grew up his business very fastlly. and also largely helps people who deal with the problems like poverty, illiteracy and also provides medical facility for the poor.

2: Bill Gates:

Top Ten Business Man in The World 10 Richest People Bill Gates

Bill Gates this the richest Business man who is the owner of the Microsoft Company, and he was dropped from the Harvard University in the year of 1975. and then he was started the worlds largest Information Technology IT Company which is the Microsoft. It was in 1986 while Microsoft went exposed in public with its opening public recommended and then the Bill Gates was at an age of 31 and develop into the self-made billionaire at that time.

3:  Warren Buffett:

Top Ten Business Man in The World 10 Richest People Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett Who is the 3rd Richest Business Man in the world, who is from United States USA and he has a recently net worth of $ 50 billion and has run in the Omaha, Nebraska-based multinational corporation since 1965. He too plays a very important role in the establishment of the Melinda Gates foundation as till now he has donate a whopping $ 8 billion to that foundation.

4: Bernard Arnault:

Top Ten Business Man in The World 10 Richest People Bernard Arnault

Bernard Arnault, who is the 4th richest Business Man in the World and who from France his age is 62 years old,  he has current net worth of $ 41 billion and Bernard Arnault is also a very good friend of the French president Nicolas Sarkozy. He was complete his education at the great Ecole Poly technique and he joined his father’s construction company at an age of 25. And then he was got the fame in his career with his hard working.

5: Larry Ellison:

Top Ten Business Man in The World 10 Richest People Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison is lives a simple life because he is a simple person and he got a good number of awards and  other technical recognitions as well, He is also un-doubted originator of the software enormous Oracle and also is the Chef Executive Officer CEO of the same. The decision making, evidently a model for the “Iron Man” movie character Tony Stark, late last year attacked Hewlett Packard and its embark for the unexpected and he said unwarranted dismissal of long time friend Mark Hurd.

6: Lakshmi Mittal:

Top Ten Business Man in The World 10 Richest People Lakshmi Mittal

The Lakhsmi Mittal is the resent of the India and he is the world 6th richest business man and the Tycoon Company which is the based on London, He is currently 60 years old and his own Steel Manufacturer which is the world largest company. The current net worth of the Lakshmi Mittal is $ 31.1 million and the main source of income is Steel. and he was spent $ 10 million on the scholarships for the sporting new talent and encourage potential Olympians in the Homeland India.

7: Amancio Ortega:

Top Ten Business Man in The World 10 Richest People Amancio Ortega

Amancio Ortega is basically Spain National and he currently has a net worth of $ 31 billion. His main resource of earnings is the retailing and Currently, Amancio Ortega is at an age of 74 years old and he was started off making dressing gowns in his garage in La Coruna, and he started the clothing business in the late 1960s and then at a afterward phase he started his own company of Zara fashion and he is the Chairman of the company.

8: Eike Batista:

Top Ten Business Man in The World 10 Richest People Eike Batista

After the Leaving behind Amancio Ortega, Eike Batista was showed the interest lies in the mining as well as in the Oil. And he also really struggled and worked hard to the end up succeeding in his Life as he came from the shadows of the famous father Batista said that he desires nothing less than being the richest man on world. The complete article about the 53 years old from the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren sports car he maintain as adornment in his parlor to the “X” in the name of all his business.

9: Mukesh Ambani:

Top Ten Business Man in The World 10 Richest People Mukesh Ambani

In recent times at the time of depression when the Prime Minister declared about the big full of fat pay outs to the top bosses of the most of the corporation, the Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited has make known the pay out to himself to a enormous 2/3rd of his whole income. At this time, Mukesh Ambani the Chairman of Reliance Industries and also has completed a house of worth $1 billion named Antilla which is of a tallness of 27 storeys.

10: Christy Walton and family:

Top Ten Business Man in The World 10 Richest People Christy Walton and family

The tenth richest person on world Christy Walton and Her family and her family drag in $26.5 billion net worth, which is surname as the Christy Walton and she is the widow of the John Walton and she has the son which is named Sam Walton who owns and manage the Retail King enormous Wal Mart. Even with the disagreement concerning labor associations the chain of stores and related business keeps on hauling in the money.

For the Further Details about these persons you should keep stay with us here on this portal because we will discuss about these personalities deeply in our next article. And you should suggests us here in below comment section that what you want more about you knowledge gaining we will try our best to provide you those materials which you want.


  1. thats all off course good , but you must explain a bit more obout all of them ,like their hometowns and their recent enorous businesess . and some of their experiences and tips obout business .

    • Yes you are right but i published already more articles about it, and about the business tips to you should use the website search bar for the more article which you want. Thanks for the Feedback

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