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How to Take Care of Your Eyes after Cataract Surgery

After surgery of eyes you must take care of your eyes in this regard we are telling you some dos and don’ts that you must follow.


After surgery take medical leave from work and rest properly as prescribed by doctor. You can read/ watch t.v and also you can do some exercises as well. But you should avoid the dusty places. Wear sun glasses to protect your eyes form direct sun rays and too much light.

Use the eye drops that are prescribed by the doctor for you. They will help you to prevent the infection and inflammation. Always seek some assistance when you want to put these drops in your eyes.

For mild pain you can use paracetamol. But in case of some severe pain seek the medical assistance and call the doctor.

While sleeping put some eye shield to protect the operated eye.

How to Take Care of Your Eyes after Cataract Surgery

How to Take Care of Your Eyes after Contact Surgery


For the first few days the vision may be blurred. So take the help of your friend/ family member when you want to move somewhere. This will reduce the chance of falling down.

For the first month there may be irritation and discharge after surgery make sure that you do not rub your eyes. this can cause some serious problem in your operated eye. You may lose your vision. Be care ful.

Do not expose your eye in open air there might be a chance of infection. Do not swim, use hot tub or spa etc.

Do not bend the load will be on your eye. Do not do heavy exercises or some work that require too much mental stress.

Do not go for driving until your vision gets clear.

Following these tips you can protect your eyes and they will help you to get well soon and get back to work and enjoy the beauty of nature and see happiness around you with your clear vision.

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