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Top 20 Funniest Movies in Bollywood/ Hindi Comedy Movies

Comedy is said to be full of humor. Comedy makes the person relax and takes him into another world the world of laughter. Comedy shows present a relative laughter among the people. A person as a whole has to create a relative attitude to live their lives happily so that the life is worth living.

All the creatures in some way or the other have done some funny things or have funny attitudes in some point of life. It is an art or the entertainment. It has no rules but has just the objective to make the people laugh. Funniest Movies are Provided below.

Funny things are the core of life which makes the person comfortable in his or her life. The world all around is the craziest part. Comedy makes the person feel that his relaxed and away from the daily and routine tenses.

Comedy is just for the entertainment. People find comedy the easiest way to release their tensions. Comedy is full of humor and laughter. There are millions of actors who make the people bounce with laughter with their talent of comedy. Following are the best comedy movies of Bollywood:


Top 20 Funniest Movies in Bollywood Hindi Comedy Movies ANDAZ APNA APNA

Andaz apna apna released in the year 1994. The story is about two common men who are fighting for the girl they love and save her from the evil criminal.

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  1. Awsome movies 🙂 Thanks for sharing

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