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Top Ten Greatest Baseball Players in the World

There are two things important and essential to run the game are bat and ball. Teams take turns through batting and base running. Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical. There are nine players for each team. To score the run the batsman hit the ball thrown by pitcher and he start moving in the four bases in which he returns to the home plate. It is a most popular game played in America. It is played in America, America Central America Europe and some parts of East Asia, but it is more popular in America.

There is also a professional base ball league which is called Major League Baseball(MLB).It has two teams National League(NL) and American League(AL). Above I have given you a very very little information about base ball to give you some know how of base ball but I’m sure you are pretty interested in this game you have already this information and also more from this. So now I’ll tell you top 10 greatest baseball players and much more about them.

  1. George ‘Babe’ Ruth
  2. Hank Aaron
  3. Walter Johnson
  4. Ted Williams 
  5. Cy Young
  6. Willie Mays 
  7. Stan Musial
  8. Barry Bonds
  9. Ty Cobb
  10. Roger Clemens

They are the most popular and greatest players of base ball. Many times they became the reason for their teams to win the match. They also made many records in the history of base ball. They all are the pride of their teams.


Top Ten Greatest Baseball Players in the World GEORGE BABE RUTH

George babe Ruth had made many records in his whole career like Home runs(714) ,Slugging percentage(690), Runs batted in (2213), Bases on balls (2062) and many other records this greatest player had made. He was the real player and he made his game a very easy one for him.


Hank Aaron is another greatest player and champion of his time. He also made many records in his career. He achieved the record of breaking the home run record set by Babe ruth.he is a retired player of American Professional Baseball. Aaron also holds the record of All Star. He also won three NL GOLD GLOVE AWARD.


Walter Johnson is another most amazing player of base ball. He was a Major League Baseball right-handed pitcher. He made the record of strike out with 3508 and he was the only player in the3000 strikeout club over 50 years. Some of his records are still unbroken.


Ted Williams was a left fielder of Boston Red Sox. He was six times batting champion a seventeen times ALL STARS. He was also a Triple Crown winner twice. He was the last player in Major League Baseball to bat over .400 in a single season. Because of his hitting prowess people gave him the name of “The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived”.


CY young was an American Major League Baseball pitcher. He made many pitching records in his career. Young complied 511 wins in his career. After the death of young Cy Young Award was also created to give him honor and respect for his game.


Willie Mays is a retired baseball player. He is also a great player of his time. Mays won two MVP awards and holds the All-Star record of most All-Star Games played. Experts examine the Mays performance and made the opinion that he was the possibly greatest all round baseball player.


Stan Musial was a greatest hitter in the base ball history. He holds many records like All-Star for the most all star game played. He compiled 3630 hits. He was also known as the most consistent hitter of his era.musial was presented with Presidential Medal Of Freedom. It is a highest civil award.


Barry Bonds is another very talented base ball player. He is an left fielder player and former American player. He is 14 time All Star and 8 time gold glove winner. He is the son of bobby bond major league player. He also made many other and high records. He is the brightest star of baseball.


Ty Cobb was an outfielder of American Major League of baseball. He set 90 major records in his career. He still holds the career batting average record and many others. He played 3035 major league games. He was a real star and a real player.


Roger Clemens is a former baseball player and he is a starting pitcher. He was 11 times All Star and 2 times World Series champion. Many other titles and records are known from his name. He also won 7 CY Young awards.

All the players are the greatest players of their times and also the history. They take baseball to its peak through their talent and skill. They gave greatest contribution in the popularity of baseball. History will always remember them.

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