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World’s Best Businessman Ever and their Net Worth

What is a business? Providing goods, products and services to people in exchange for money. Trade or business is something that started centuries ago. A businessman is the one who is held in charge of the business, the one who handles and manages the complete or, at least, a big part of the organization. This article mentions the World’s Best Businessman Ever and their Net Worth

World’s Best Businessman Ever and their Net Worth

World's Best Businessman Ever and their Net Worth

Here is a list of the top businessmen around the world whose success, hard work, and determination are worth mentioning.

  1. Bill Gates        79.2 billion USD
  2. Alvaro Z. Gallegos       $6.7 billion
  3. Andreas von Bechtolsheim        4.7 billion USD
  4. Berry Gordy       $345 million
  5. Bill Hewlett      $9 billion
  6. Billy Blanks       $30 million
  7. Christopher Paul Gardner      $60 million
  8. David Filo     2.7 billion USD
  9. David M. Overton      $50 million
  10. Magic Johnson      $500 million
  11. Eddison Bramble      $6.7 billion
  12. Gordon Moore     6.1 billion USD
  13. Greg Maples           8 billion USD
  14. Ingvar Kamprad    3.4 billion USD
  15. James Kimsey       $78.8 million
  16. Jay Arrington        $ 98.7 million
  17. Jeff Bezos    46.7 billion USD
  18. John Passmore           $ 58 million
  19. Larry Page      29.2 billion USD
  20. Mark Zuckerberg      35.7 billion USD

You might have heard about many of these names mentioned above in the list. These impressive names from the world of business have equally impressive stories attached to them. Their hard work, perseverance, and optimistic behavior have made them an inspiration to thousands of people.

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