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10 Best and Famous Things in Canada

Canada is located in the continent of North America. It is bound in the north by the Arctic Ocean, in the east by the North Atlantic Ocean, in the south by the United States of America (USA) and in the west by the North Pacific Ocean. Now you can get the 10 Best and Famous Things in Canada Does Better Than Anyone Anywhere Else.

Alaska, a state of the US lies in its north-western part. Canada is the largest, among the various nations of the world that share an international border with only one country. All the users can check the complete details about 10 Best and Famous Things Canada.

10 Best and Famous Things in Canada

10 Best and Famous Things CanadaGet what is the Bests in the Canada By their characteristics, qualities, Specialty and Fame

What is Best in Canada
S.N Name Quality
1 Best Celebrity  Hayden Christensen
2 Best Places  Toronto
3 Best Food  Montreal Smoked Meat
4 Best Movies  Dead Ringers
5 Best Songs  Your Daddy Don’t Know
6 Best Singer  Avril Lavigne
7 Best Actors/Actress  Ryan Gosling/Anna Paquin
8 Best Games  ice hockey
9 Best Players  Wayne Gretzky
10 Best Politicians  Stephen Harper

Canadian food is highly dependent on the locally available ingredients, and hence, there is a wide variety of cuisine available as one travels across the country. Healthy and ethnic food rubs shoulders with the baked goodies and other comfort foods in the country. Keep in touch with us to get the best things about your favorite places.

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